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Teenage Girl who Criticises Islam on Instagram Heads For a Drastic Solution

Unfortunately, Instagram is not always a friendly place full of positive people, pretty girls, and where everyone is happy and safe. The internet, in general, is a dangerous place if you don’t obey some basic rules. Furthermore, somebody’s religion and beliefs can be a very sensitive subject.

A teenage French girl named Mila, who is only 16 years old, had received death threats after she called Islam a “religion of hate” on Instagram. Besides the angry people she had to be dealing with, there were also people who were taking her side since in France there is no law against blasphemy. But also, in France there also is a large Muslim population. The supporters of Mila started the hashtag #JeSuisMila (which means ‘I am Mila’), while her critics reacted with #JeNeSuisPasMila (which means ‘I am not Mila’).

Mila has moved to a new school

The girl headed for the drastic measure of moving herself to a new school, so she can feel safe again from the terrible wave of hate that she had to be dealing with.

However, Mila criticized the Islam religion after she received a  homophobic comment from a Muslim. She has been speaking about herself as being a lesbian during a live broadcast on her Instagram page, and one Muslim called her a “dirty lesbian”.

Therefore, Mila attacked the Islam religion with strong words:

I hate religion. The Koran is a religion of hate,

I am not racist. You cannot be racist towards a religion. I said what I thought, you’re not going to make me regret it.

Since Muslims don’t tolerate offensive words about their religion, the outcome was obvious: some of them had been threatening Mila, and also posting personal information about her online.

Later during an interview, Mila apologized for insulting those people who are practicing their religion “in peace”.



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