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Teamfight Tactics Rise of the Elements Set 2: Origins and Classes Cheat Sheet

As soon as Riot Games revealed the Set 2 of Teamfight Tactics during their League of Legends 10-year anniversary stream, we knew it will include a lot of content and changes. The TFT team has been hinting for a while that the future for TFT will change, and sets of champions will rotate, but introducing Rise of the Elements is definitely a lot more than we expected.

With patch 9.22, which will go live on November 6 (and it is currently in PBE for testing), we will get to see around 50 new champions, new origins and classes, and even a different board!

TFT Set 2 Origins and Classes

Considering the update will be massive, let’s take a look at the new origins and classes. Thanks to a Tweet from Riot Mort (Lead Designer of Teamfight Tactics), we have some great cheat sheets of all the classes, origins, new champions, and some new items built from spatulas:

Origins are now called Elements, and aside from the new classes, you will notice that there are still a few from the first set, such as Assassin, Blademaster and Ranger.

TFT Set 2 Board

The image below shows not only the new items formed from Spatulas but also some icons on the left, with new hexes – called Elemental Hex.

This addition is quite unique, as it directly affects each player’s board with the match’s specific element. A hex will show up on each player’s board (in the same spot) and players must place a champion on it to gain different buffs.

But that’s not all! At stage 3-1, a second Elemental Hex will show up in the same spot for all players’ boards. Players can use the second Elemental Hex to buff a second champion but must be aware that the buff from the hex needs a free item slot, meaning only champions with a maximum of two items can receive that buff.

We know it is a lot to sink in, but we have at least got you covered with the basics. As a bonus, here is the complete list of champions and their classes and elemental powers.

If you are interested in learning more news or updates, check out our Teamfight Tactics or League of Legends pages. Let us know in the comments below if you want some tips on building good comps for the Rise of the Elements patch.



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