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Teamfight Tactics Receives a Mobile Release Date

Teamfight Tactics will arrive soon at your favorite app store! The praised auto battler now has a release date, and we couldn’t be more content. Teamfight Tactics mobile was announced initially back in 2019, but we didn’t know what to expect exactly. Devs preferred to remain silent and keep working at the best version of the game so far, for mobile platforms.

We’ll get to try the new experience soon, on both iOS and Android, in only a couple of days. The mobile version will also come with lots of features and settings. It is introduced as a cross-play compatible, probably one of the most significant features, with PC players in most countries.

The account progress will be stored and carry over, so you don’t have to worry about any PC change, because it will be available on mobile, too! Notably, the cosmetics are not currently available to buy on mobile, but we should wait for more info soon.

Teamfight Tactics to Be Available on iOS and Android Devices

Riot Games released Teamfight Tactics back in 2019, June 26. The game succeeded in gathering lots of praise because of its round-based strategy that allows you to fight against 7 opponents in a free-for-all fight.

The game’s goal is easy. You must purchase champions and then put them on a board to start a fight and defeat your opponents. The champions you choose to use and the way you place them on the board are essential elements in establishing your strategy.

Teamfight Tactics will be released alongside the space-designed Set Three: Galaxies, which is set to introduce new intergalactic traits, origins, units, and classes. Classes will be separated into three types, defense, attack, and utility. Older features introduced will return in the set, too. The game will arrive as a free-to-play game for iOS and Android starting March 19.



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