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Teamfight Tactics: Here’s Everything You Need to Know About the Brand New LOL Game Mode

Teamfight Tactics is bound to be released in the League of Legends live client, which will take place next week – after 9.13, Patch goes live. Riot didn’t come with an exact release date for it, but we do know that Patch 9.13 will go live on the 25th of June.

Players are hyped about this game mode. We have written this article to give you some tips and facts about Teamfight Tactics.

This is the basic guide

First, you need to log into the LoL client, then go to Play and choose this new game mode. Then, you’ll get into a room where you can add more friends. You can simply press ‘find match’ in order to start the game. Each game has eight players.

You need to choose one champion from a spinning circle, which happens after each round finishes. You need to make sure that you pick one with a great item, one that’s on the top list, and one that can help you upgrade your champion to 2 or 3 stars.

Under the board, there’s a list of champions that show up every round. You need to choose the ones you want to buy. Keep in mind that only the champions which can be found on the board will fight.

The goal is, of course, defeat all your enemies. The last player to survive wins.

On the bottom left of the board, there are some items which at some point, will drop. If you choose a champion for an item, and then you want to use the item on a different champion, then you can sell the champion with the item and put the item on the top of the one you want to use it.

Always save gold

In order to send champions to the bench, you will need gold. Units cost up to 5 gold. You can use it to buy units to level up your Little Legend, which can allow you to add more champions to the board. If there’s one champion that you don’t need, then you can sell it for gold.

Keep in mind that it’s very important to know how to take care of your gold. Every round will come with five gold. For every ten gold you have, you get six more. If you get 50 gold, you gain ten more for every round. Save the gold, and when you choose the champions, make sure you do a good job.

Upgrade your champions

In order to upgrade a champion, you need to make sure that you have three copies of it. This way, it will become one of 2 stars. If you get 3  ‘ 2-star’ units, they will become one ‘ 3-star unit’. Keep in mind that the higher the stars – 3 is the maximum – the bigger the chances you get actually to win this game.



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