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Teamfight Tactics​ Could Take The Reigns From League of Legends

According to a new Riot Games press report, Teamfight Tactics has achieved to reach 33 million active monthly players. This makes the game a huge addition to the League of Legends client and a title that the creators will concentrate more on next year.

Teamfight Tactics is the auto chess game based on League of Legends, that was released immediately after the genre became a huge hit, promptly competing with the mod that created the scene and Valve’s response in Dota Underlords.

Whilst League of Legends announced a 8 million top simultaneous players per day mark this week; it was quite plain that Teamfight Tactics​ was the main contributor to this successful endeavor.

What players did not know is how huge the breach between Teamfight Tactics​ and its rivals might be, and it is a lot. Teamfight Tactics​ is also depicted in a release from Riot as being the main cause for increasing the peak number of concomitant League of Legends players by an impressive 30 percent.

As per Riot, competitor Teamfight Tactics​ is the main focus because the extent of ranked games in comparison to normal games is a massive gap, with a 4:1 ratio in favor of ranked games. The title is also incredibly popular in the most important areas for Riot for all its games, such as South Korea.

At most, this means that players should get used to Teamfight Tactics​. The title features more accessible gameplay, a more impressive streaming experience, and an already enormous player base. The League of Legends by-product has already thrown that title for the 2020’s competitive game to watch.

Teamfight Tactics​ has the potential to overthrow even the mighty League of Legends because of its unique combination of polish, accessibility, and depth. Therefore, next year could show fans that the statement is not so out of reach.



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