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Take-Two exposes the GTA 6 release in 2023 rumor

There have been lots of rumors about the Grand Theft Auto 6 on the internet. This is yet another one. However, the latest GTA 6 rumor hints at the release year of the game could be 2023. The information is based on Take-Two’s marketing graph. And if you look at it, you can clearly see the spike in marketing support commitments. However, Take-Two denied the latest rumors.

Based on Take-Two’s research, these marketing commitments were for third-party companies. That’s very different from the first-party studios. For example, Rockstar is a first-party studio. Therefore, the marketing commitments that were thought to be related to the next GTA 6 are not what people think they are.

Of course, this doesn’t mean that GTA 6 is impossible to come out in 2023. The game will be released when the team behind it sees fit. However, Take-Two’s annual 10-K filing is not a clue to the GTA 6 release. It can’t be used as evidence. The report is not accurate by all means, but it could turn out to be true somehow, or at least a coincidence. But, according to Take-Two, the rumor is false.

Other Fake Rumors 

This is not the first rumor that was proved to be false. This week, Marvel Games exposed the recent Daredevil video-game rumor to be false as well. 

Another rumor that turned out to be fake is Sony purchasing Konami’s IPs. Sony is working on a new Silent Hill video game, but the development is still under Kojima Productions. The main point is that Sony won’t buy the Silent Hill IP. But, the good news is that the upcoming horror game will be available on the Playstation console. 

Take every rumor with a pinch of salt, and don’t let your hopes get too high. Be careful what you believe. Not everything that is written on the internet is true. 



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