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Superman Seems like He’s Copying Goku’s Abilities in Upcoming Animated Film

Superhero fans all over the world had constantly been wondering if Goku is stronger than Superman or vice versa. This age-old dilemma may never find an irrefutable answer unless somebody decides to put the two characters in a movie together. But until that moment, all we can do is speculate.

Both Superman and Goku possess powers way beyond the usual human boundaries. They can both fly, crack buildings, shoot energy waves, and so on. But one thing’s for sure: there are certain differences between their techniques. Goku can’t shoot lasers from his eyes or see through objects, while Superman is not capable of Instant Transmission, and so on. But the list of differences will soon get shorter.

Superman deflecting energy waves like Goku does

We’ve seen Goku and other of his friends deflecting energy waves in Dragon Ball by simply hitting them with their bare hands. Superman can also do that as well, judging by what the story “The Wrath of Wioska,” from Superman: Man of Tomorrow #7 has to offer. It’s an upcoming animated film of the legendary superhero that has underwear over his pants, and it’s scheduled for release on August 23. The story is made by Dave Wielgosz, Miguel Mendoca, David Baron, and Clayton Cowles, and it presents Superman as he seeks the female alien Wioska to show him some new tricks. The alien is a former deity who has been training some ruthless killers in Apokolips.

Wioska sends an energy blast towards a crowd. She then urges Superman to do something; otherwise, she will hurt people. Superman then punches the energy wave right back at her. But the superhero brings out another technique that resembles some of those from the Dragon Ball universe. Getting charged at full power, Superman has an energy illuminating him and getting his eyes turning red.

Regardless of which one of the two characters is stronger, Goku or Superman, we are glad to watch them both in action.



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