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Super Saiyan God Gohan Arrives and He’s Ready to Delight Your Eyes

The Dragon Ball franchise is a tremendous source of inspiration for the fans and art makers. Dragon Ball Super added even more diversity to the series. The Super Saiyan God transformation meant the beginning of a whole new era, as it led to much higher power levels and stronger foes for the heroes of the series.

Gohan is a very important figure for the Dragon Ball universe, and not only because he’s the first son of the legendary Son Goku. Gohan has shown tremendous potential back in the old days of Dragon Ball Z. He defeated the terrifying Cell and taught some manners into Majin Buu, Frieza, Vegeta, and to other opponents. But in Dragon Ball Super, Gohan needed plenty of time to show what he’s made of. During the first sagas, Gohan was often presented as out-of-date since he focused more on studying rather than fighting. But the son of Goku regained his fighting spirit in the Tournament Of Power, as he fought beyond expectations for the survival of the Universe. That performance lit up the imagination of the fans, as they didn’t hesitate to compete with each other in drawing Gohan and uploading their creations.

Today, we present you this Reddit post:

SSG Gohan art by me from dbz

It’s true that Gohan never went Super Saiyan God, but you have to admire the beautiful drawing of this Dragon Ball fan. The transformation was initially obtained only by Goku in the Dragon Ball Super anime, and it meant a huge power boost for the usual and iconic Super Saiyan with gold hair. It’s also true that Gohan didn’t need the Super Saiyan God form either, as he found another way to surpass such power.

As we hope that new and unique drawings will emerge among the Dragon Ball fanbase, we can’t wait for the Super anime to come back to the big screens. The release date for the return will most likely be announced during this year’s Jump Festa, and that’s just a few months away.



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