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Street Fighter V: Champion Edition To Receive A New Fighter

The year is almost over, but Capcom has been hard at work. Street Fighter V: Champion Edition will bundle most of the content that has been released for the game, along with a few fighters from previous games.

The first fighter that was revealed was Gill, a fan-favorite character from Street Fighter III. However, it was the announcement of the second character that surprised a large number of fans. Seth, the mighty boss from Street Fighter IV, will enter the fray as a new fighter with a fascinating form.

It seems that Seth wasn’t killed after the defeat in Street Fighter IV. Whatever remained of the boss merged with an unknown being to create a new form that can be more masculine or feminine, depending on the choice of the players. One of the best traits of Seth comes in the form of the ability to steal moves from opponents and use them to pave the way towards victory.

A New Fighter To Come To Street Fighter V: Champion Edition

Fans of the series know that Capcom introduced a rich roster of memorable bosses, and Seth is one of the most iconic ones. Seth is a very versatile character than be quite effective against many rivals due to his talent for stealing moves. The devious fighter seeks to learn more about the best opponents in the world.

Street Fighter 5 was released in 2016 for the PlayStation 4 and Windows PCs. Upon release, the game was criticized for the lack of playable characters and content, a flaw that Capcom strived to correct with the release of several content patches and DLC.

A new version was released in 2018 in the form of Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition, which offered several single-player modes and a reworked UI. The Champions Edition will be released in February 2020. Those who already own one of the previous versions will have the option to pay a discounted sum for the upgrade.



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