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StarCraft: Ghost Xbox One Version Could Come Out Online

WarCraft III failed to be remastered. The project was stopped over a decade ago, which is kind of sad. Think about it; we could be playing the WarCraft III on consoles right now. After a few delays of the StarCraft: Ghost, it was considered a failure, and Blizzard stopped its launching. Due to the internet and modern technology, we can enjoy today; we have a look at a glimpse of what the game could have offered on the Xbox One.

What was Starcraft: Ghost supposed to be, you may ask? It was supposed to be a third-person shooter game and not a real-time strategy game. This would have made the game different from the previous series released by Blizzard. The game was part of the console generation back then, such a the Xbox, the PlayStation 2, and the GameCube making its fanbase even more exciting.

Developers from Blizzard start working on remastering the StarCraft: Ghost game back in 2002; however, in 2008, the situation was quite clear that the game won’t be launched. The same happened with WarCraft Adventures and the Titan MMO.

StarCraft: Ghost Xbox One Version Might Launch Soon

Blizzard confirmed the cancellation rumors only in the year 2014. An Xbox One build of the game has found its way on the internet this weekend. The video made rounds on YouTube.

“Who would have thought a month ago that Starcraft Ghost would leak in some form?” posted Andrew Borman on his Twitter page. It is quite evident that the quality of the graphics is not so impressive as it was part of the 2000s generation. The game had many faults, and it probably destroyed at least one console during the video making.

However, we could get a glimpse of the Blizzard’s great idea. At the moment, the video runs the internet behind the curtains, so you might not see it upfront. One pleasant surprise would be a VR version of the Starcraft: Ghost game in a few years.



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