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Spotify Brings Standalone App for Children

Who says that only adults can use the wonderful benefits offered by Spotify? With many artists nowadays using immorality scenes and foul language to express their music, you certainly wouldn’t want a kid to witness them at a very young age. Protecting the children’s personality from getting molded by unethical behavior is a ‘must’.

That’s what the developers of Spotify seem to have gotten in their mind when they decided to bring a standalone app for kids – it’s called Spotify Kids, after being initially released as a beta version. Furthermore, the app is designed to teach children how to protect themselves during these harsh times when the pandemic is spreading rapidly.

30% more content

Spotify announced that the app had been improved with 30% more content than before – 8,000 new songs, stories, playlists, and advice for how to keep those hands clean and protected from the new coronavirus.

On a blog post, Spotify details for us what the new app can do:

There has always been a focus on educational musical content for kids on the app, including a playlist hub called Learning that features songs that teach kids about counting, the ABC’s, science, and more. Recently, we also added a new global playlist with songs to help kids learn general hygiene best practices, like how to wash their hands and cough and sneeze properly into their elbows. This playlist features the newly released song from Pinkfong, “Wash Your Hands with Baby Shark.” Plus, relevant educational content on the app will continue to grow.

The app rolls out in the US, Canada, and France

With a lot of schools being closed all over the world, the Spotify Kids app is an excellent way of keeping the children’s attention and make them stay at home as much as possible. Even though the app is rolling out for the moment only in the USA, Canada, and France, we can sure hope that the availability will be enhanced soon.




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