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Sony Reveales the Logo for PS5 and Fans are Schocked

2020 has just begun, and it will mark a great step forward in the gaming industry. United States and Japan are bringing their next-generation consoles by the end of the year – Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5, respectively. Although there has already been plenty of debate online regarding which console will be better, we will know for sure when they come out. But until then, we do know plenty of things about the two powerful gaming machines.

One of the things we found out recently is the logo for PlayStation 5. Sony surprises its fans once again because it’s extremely similar to the older one:

The Japanese giant has revealed the logo during the CES 2020 event that took place in Nevada. This move gave the fans an opportunity to mock the artwork. It’s practically the same design from the first PlayStation console, but the reaction of the fans must have come mostly for the fact that the logo was presented at a major tech event.

What will PS5 be capable of

You have all the reasons to be eager of playing your favorite games on Sony’s next-generation console. As far as we know, PS5 will be capable of running 8K visuals, it will feature a voice assistant, and the games will be stored on a powerful SSD. The haptic controllers will make your gaming experience more realistic than ever, because they will be providing you the right sensations to your hands. Whether you’re swimming, getting hit, crawling through mud, or shooting, you will feel in your hands like you’re actually doing those things in reality.

But probably the best news about PS5 is that it will come out at the end of the current year, when you can write your letter to Santa Claus to bring you one of the consoles. Just make sure you will be a good boy or girl until then.



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