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Sony PS 5 and next games release details

The war between PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X is about to start. Sony, the company behind the PS 5 beast, was worried about its competitors last year. However, as the time went by, another problem arose. How will they launch their product? Due to the COVID-19 virus, the world is in a bit of a situation. Therefore, launching the next-gen console is a bit problematic.

“A great deal has happened since we last spoke. Terrible things happening in the world, which puts everything that you and I do into context. You have to measure all this conversation against that,” said Jim Ryan, the president of Sony Interactive Entertainment, and CEO.

PS 5 and games release

According to the CEO, the launch of the PS 5 will go as planned. Plus, the first-party games are right where they need to be. This is great news for all fans that were a bit antsy with the upcoming beast console.

“We have devoted a lot of effort to making sure out network works. I am really proud of what we’ve done there. The days when Sony was criticised for the resilience of its networking activity, that should be consigned to history. The levels of engagement are just off the radar screen, both in terms of the number of people and the amount of time that they are playing. And the network has stood up just fine,” tells Ryan in an interview on

The first game that will be available is The Last of Us Part II, which will be released next month. Ghost of Tsushima will come out a month after the first game. Plus, Sony did not forget about the modest players out there.

“And then there was the Play At Home initiative, where we made a couple of games available for, well, everybody, but with particular relevance to those who are financially strapped,” added Ryan.

The president of Sony Interactive Entertainment also admitted that the company is focusing more on the games for PS 5. that is understandable.



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