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Sony Has Big Plans for the Future: A New Different Console In The Works?

Right now, Sony is working on giving PlayStation 4 owners a lot of reasons to get the brand new PS5 as soon as possible when the console hits the market. That would be after the holidays next year. But the company is also developing a new type of video game console, but it’s quite different than what we’ve seen from Sony all these years.

The same source that talked about a Sony parent, which showed what the PS5 would look like – it was the actual design of the PS5 dev kit – found some new Sony documentation that can tell us something about a game cartridge. Apparently, Sony has not forgotten about this type of cartridge, and it’s still using the same ones for this new product.

This is something that you would not expect to see on the high-end consoles from next year. Xbox Scarlet and PS5 both should come with fast SSDs. Even more, the new PlayStation is confirmed to come with a fast solid-state drive, which is said to make the loading screens a so-yesterday thing. Sony has also talked about the new console, which will allow players to install game content selectively. Some players may only choose to play the single-player campaign of a game, and others might want to play only the multiplayer option of a game.

The game cartridge that we mentioned above might be used on a mobile PlayStation device that Sony can produce in the following years, but we should take it with a pinch of salt since these are just rumors we’re talking about.

PlayStation Vita is retired now, and there’s no word of bringing a sequel to the image at this point. This console was released back in 2011, and it was the last gaming device coming from Sony to use carts.



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