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Snaptube is Producing Many Suspicious Transactions That Are Including Millions Of Dollars? What Upstream Says

Working only for Android, Snaptube looks like it has all the basic tools a download app for streaming sites needs. You can search for a specific video in the search bar, and even choose the right resolution for you. But you should better be precautious regarding the app since it has some peculiar stuff going around. It has been caught making millions of suspicious transactions without anybody knowing.

The mobile technology company Upstream has made some very interesting and upsetting claims. Only in the last six months, its security platform blocked not less than 70 million potentially fraudulent transactions triggered by Snaptube. Upstream has a Secure-D platform that is used by operators to safeguard digital transactions detecting and blocking frauds.

$90 million for unwanted charges

Upstream is making the estimation that the transactions would have cost the numerous consumers $90 million in unwanted charges from premium digital services. They also say that 4.4 million customers have been affected.

Upstream CEO Guy Krief explains to us:

Only the app downloads and clicks on the adverts,

Nothing is shown on the handset screens. The video app is literally a screen for the suspicious background activity

Upstream even made some tests in the laboratory that might have proven that the Snaptube app was able to serve up and respond to advertising in the background without anybody’s consent or even knowing.

Krief also added:

Under test conditions we found not just background advertising click fraud, but also countless examples of users being signed up for premium digital services or subscriptions even when the phone is not in use,

No notifications appear on the screen whatsoever and the user has absolutely zero control.

Upstream also says that the most affected users by the attack are those from Brazil, Egypt, Sri Lanka, Malaysia, and South Africa. And the saddest news is that attacks are still ongoing.



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