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Snapchat Beta Update Comes With Bug Fixes and Improvements

Snapchat is one of the most used messaging apps out there. It made waves ever since it appeared because of its unique system. The app doesn’t store the conversations like any other communication app does, but makes the messages disappear immediately after being read.
It is a rather fun and fast way to share moments with people you care about. The app launches right to the camera, which makes it easy to capture and send a Snap. It also comes with numerous filters, lenses, Bitmojis, and all types of effects.

Snapchat’s Key Features

To take a photo on Snapchat​, simply launch the app and press; hold for video. Users can play with their photos by adding lenses or a filter, with new ones that are getting added every day. You can even create your own filters to add to both photos and videos or try other lenses designed by the Snapchat​ community.

Snapchat​ also offers the Group Stories feature that enables users to stay in touch with friends and family with live messaging. It allows group video chat of up to 15 people at once and makes it possible to stay up to date with exclusive stories from your friends or top publishers and creators. You can also watch breaking news, original shows, and more on the app.

The platform can share your location with your friends, but if you don’t want this data out, you can always go off the grid with Ghost Mode. Snapchat​ keeps the images you saved in free could storage so you can go back and use them. A really great feature of Snapchat​ is the fact that it notifies you whether someone took a screenshot of your message, used a camera, or so on.

Snapchat Beta Update

The latest roll-out for the communication app, Snapchat update, is meant for beta users that have registered to the program and are testing the new features before they go out officially. The new update comes with some bug fixes and improvements.



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