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Should you watch Kissing Booth 2?

The sequel for the Kissing Booth movie is now out. The movie is available on Netflix, and we are here to discuss all the details.

The sequel continues with the story of Elle and Noah. In the first movie, Noah is heading to Harvard after enjoying the summer in California. Elle starts school as well and is very active in her classes. As for her relationship with Noah, she does not want to come off as clingy. Therefore, she ignores some of the calls and messages from Noah.

On the other hand, Noah is still attached to Elle and wants her to join Harvard instead of Boston University. This idea is very appealing to her, especially because this way they will be together again. University is the place where young adults connect with other people, make new friendships and relationships. The situation is no different for Noah wh gets close to a female called Chloe.

Elle gets jealous of Chloe and almost breaks things off with Noah. But someone is after Elle as well. Marco, the new entrant, is looking for Elle’s attention. He pretends he is Elle’s dance partner, but will he manage to still her heart? Marco is a handsome guy, but will he charm her like Noah? What about the new relationships between Noah and Chole?

The first Kissing Booth movie became very popular because of the chemistry between the leading actors, Joey King, and Jacob Elordi. However, the sequel is a different story. Elle and Noah don’t spend that much time together as in the first movie. Kissing Booth 2 shows Elle’s emotional struggles. It also focuses on hers and Lee’s friendship and how Rachel views it.

Overall, the new Kissing Booth is just like any other teenage movie. Emotional battles, decisions to make, self-reflecting, and the whole journey of discovering your own person. The film lasts for two hours, which is a bit, eh. Kissing Booth 2 has a cliff hanger ending.



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