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Sea of Thieves Will Launch On Steam With Crossplay Available

Sea of Thieves was released for Microsoft two years ago. However, Rare has announced that the game is currently under tests to be made available for Steam. Ever since its launch for Xbox One, fans have waited for other releases as well. Even though no official date was announced, fans are waiting for the upcoming Steam release of the Sea of Thieves.

The CEO of Rare Games studio, Craig Duncan, has announced the company’s pleasure to welcome the Steam community and to make their game available to this category of users. In addition to this, they are making cross-platform play available. This implies that both Xbox owners and Steam users will be able to play this game simultaneously without any restrictions, even though they are using a different console. This makes the company stand out of the competition since there are not many games available for cross-playing.

Microsoft and Steam teamed up to make Sea of Thieves available on the platform

The release of the Sea of Thieves game was not the most successful one. However, one year later, it was awarded the “Best On-going game” title by the This title was the result of many game updates and new features that the company kept adding for its users.

Recently, the Microsoft Team announced that they are building a partnership strategy with the Steam community. Their primary focus is to make all their games available as well for Steam users and Sea of Thieves is just one of their many plans. The company declared that they want to offer their users the chance to decide whether they would like to play their games on a console or a computer.

The first game that should be available for the Steam users is going to be Halo: The Master Chief Collection. At the moment, the companies have agreed on a list of 20 titles available for both platforms and probably many more others to come shortly.



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