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Scorn gives System Details on Xbox Series X

The new trailer of the horror game Scorn has surfaced on the internet. The trailer was part of the latest Inside Xbox episode. The atmospheric first-person horror game will only be available on the the Xbox Series X and Windows PC (Steam). Microsoft has obtained the rights for the upcoming game to run only on its beast of a console. The target frames per second are between 4K and 60.

Scorn was in the development phase for quite some time. Kickstarter first founded it. However, it is ready to launch thanks to Microsoft. This article is base on the interview of Ljubomir Peklar, the director of Ebb Software Game. Let’s see what he has to say about the next-gen Xbox console. 

Here’s Peklar opinion regarding the new Velocity Architecture:

“Series X as a platform has been available to us for only two months, so we are still figuring out everything that is at our disposal. I think that the Series X is a very balanced system. The SSD solution is an incredible improvement when it comes to loading assets.”  

“As it stands now it seems that there will be complete parity between PC and Series X versions of the game,” says Peklar about the loading screen between the zones. Adding that “We will try to minimize loading as much as possible.”

Xbox Series X features an in-built amazing Project Acoustics engine. However, according to the horror game director, Scorn is not going to explore this asset.

“We will still continue to use the audio solution that we’ve been using up to this point. Changing audio set-up mid-development would create too many unnecessary problems. We will certainly explore Project Acoustics in the future,” he said.

The team behind Scorn will try to use as options that are possible when it comes to players with weaker systems quite substantially. Both DirectML and NVIDIA’s DLSS 2.0 were mentioned in his interview as possible solutions. 

As for the new amazing Unreal Engine 5, Peklar will definitely not use this impressive technology for the upcoming video game. UE5 is not ready, plus the game is almost ready. A change of system would mean “failure of great proportions.”



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