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CPU vs. SSD Which one is the game-changer?

Last week, Microsoft held the Inside Xbox stream event. From all of the video games revealed, three of them shine brighter than the rest. The name of the video games is The Ascent, The Medium, and Scorn. However, what is very interesting is how the CPU plays a big part in the Scorn upcoming game. It looks like a CPU vs. SSD battle. 


Now one thing that stands out is the fact that all of these three games are exclusive for PC and Xbox. However, The Medium, and Scorn are also part of the Xbox Series X exclusive list of games. Let me tell you why. 

The real reason is because of the excellent CPU performance, according to Ljubomir Peklar, the director of Scorn. Now, some may think it is because of the fantastic SSD. To be honest, everyone is saying that the SSD is revolutionary for the game industry, a game-changer that will leave a mark on the upcoming generation. But, according to Peklar, the CPU is the real difference.

Here is Peklar’s explanation in an interview over at MSPoweruser:

“We didn’t [want to bring Scorn to current-gen consoles] because we want our game to be played at 60FPS. That would be close to impossible without big sacrifices. Next-gen is about responsiveness, smoothness and a lot less time-wasting. The problem with these features is that they are not easy to sell in videos or screenshots.”

He then adds:

“Everyone is touting the SSD as the next big thing, and yes SSDs will help a lot with loading and moving assets, but the biggest culprit that is creating problems in the current generation is the CPU. That’s where the biggest difference compared to current generation will come from.”

Scorn is part of the horror game genre. It is an upcoming first-person shooter horror game. Players will be able to enjoy it on Xbox Series X. The game is also part of the Game Pass.



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