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Samsung’s Newest Processor Lacks 5G Support – Expected on the Galaxy S11 series

2020 is expected to be the outburst of 5G devices since the new technology is highly demanded. There are already 5G phones on the market, but they are not representing a standard yet. While some people might say that 5G is just a caprice, the truth is that it can literally save lives. For instance, future cars with 5G technology onboard will be able to detect threats in traffic in no-time.

Even so, Samsung is preparing to enter the 2020 5G era with its newly built Exynos 990 processor for smartphones, which will NOT feature 5G support. But it has some powerful capabilities.

Expected on the Galaxy S11 series

Some people are expecting the new processor created by Samsung to be implemented on the future Galaxy S11, but it won’t be the case. It would be a shame for a Samsung flagship of 2020 to lack 5G support. Even so, the Exynos 990 will assure great speed and graphical performance for the devices that will be hosting it.

The newest chip from Samsung is designed to target a different market, very possibly 4G. The Samsung Exynos 990 is the successor for another Samsung mobile chip, the Exynos 980, which is an SoC that wasn’t really a flagship mobile chipset. The newest mobile processor was built on Samsung’s 7nm process, features a Mali-G77 GPU, and it lacks the integrated 5G modem technology found in the previous chipset. The new chip also features a 120Hz refresh-rate display driver, which means that it supports the company’s best displays. Most of the modern smartphones are boasting only 60Hz displays, so providing twice that number is a considerable step even without 5G support.

Unfortunately, the Samsung officials didn’t say anything about what phones the new Exynos 990 chipset will power. The processor has been released by Samsung during the October 26 event.



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