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Samsung Will Provide Monthly Security Updates For Several Devices

Technology is evolving day by day, with more impressive gadgets to flood the market and navigate the web as time passes. But this brings not only good news, unfortunately. Viruses are thriving and online thieves can’t wait to capture a vulnerable user to steal his credit card info, put a ransom on his device, delete his files or do other horrible stuff to him. An active antivirus with regular scans and security updates from the operating system should be enough, but not always. Hackers are also regularly coming with updates for their malicious software.

Galaxy A50, Galaxy Fold and Galaxy Xcover 4S will get monthly security updates

Google also rolls out security updates every month for its Android users, but extra security can only be beneficial or at least it doesn’t do any harm. This is what software engineers from Samsung might have thought since the giant South-Korea-based company also announced security updates for three of its most impressive devices: the Galaxy A50, Galaxy Fold, as well as the Galaxy Xcover 4S.

The Galaxy Fold is one of the most expensive devices created by Samsung, it reaches not less than $2000. Although it brings a new concept for mobile devices, being a foldable device with tablet and phone, both in one gadget, critics say it’s not worth the money. Galaxy Fold is claimed to be way too fragile because inner rules say you should avoid pressing too hard on the device or getting it close to iron objects. It didn’t even get waterproof or dustproof, so maybe the critics are right.

The Galaxy A50 is a popular budget smartphone, so seeing it in this list is a bit surprising. You would have expected Samsung to provide additional security only for its most expensive gadgets, but it’s nice to see the Asian giant has eyes for more.

More Samsung devices are receiving monthly security updates

Monthly security updates for Samsung devices is not something new. Flagship models of the Note and S series and several from A series are also receiving the same treatment.

Of course, usually, you can’t get your device infected with malware and other malicious software if you don’t access unknown links and files. But you may never know what weird and ingenious ideas can hackers bring new to the online environment.



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