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Samsung Reveals the Official Name for the Next Galaxy Fold – What Will the New Device Be Capable Of?

Back in the second half of 2019, Samsung released its Galaxy Fold, an elegant combination of both smartphone and tablet in one single gadget. While it shocked the world in a positive way with its unique design, the foldable gadget had some severe critics. Many have been complaining about the fact that Galaxy Fold is way too fragile, as the South Korean company itself acknowledges.

But now, hopefully, the company will solve some of the issues that Galaxy Fold has. The sequel will be called Galaxy Bloom, as Samsung revealed recently during a closed CES meeting with main partners.

Video recording in 8K?

Galaxy Bloom might be even more mind-blowing than its predecessor. It’s expected to record videos in 8K resolution, which means a huge upgrade for the previous 2160p resolution that the first Galaxy Fold is capable of.

The rest of the specs are not even worth mentioning since they cannot be anywhere below the old ones, which are pretty impressive. The Galaxy Fold released last year has a foldable dynamic AMOLED display of 7.3 inches and 1536 x 2152 pixels as the resolution. The cover display is a Super AMOLED with a resolution of 720 x 1680 pixels.

The hardware takes the cake

Judging by the hardware parts of the older Galaxy Fold, we can expect the Galaxy Bloom to have over 12 GB of RAM, which for a portable device is insanely huge. It’s enough amount of RAM to run almost all the PC games, if they would offer support for the tablet-phone. The storage for the next Galaxy Fold will be over 512 GB, so maybe we’ll see a gadget equipped with 1 TB (1000 GB).

The chipset will be at least as good as Qualcomm SM8150 Snapdragon 855 (7 nm), because you just need a powerful processor for specs like those mentioned above.

While Samsung fans cannot be anything else that super excited and willing to see the Galaxy Bloom in action, hopefully the gadget won’t be as fragile as its predecessor.



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