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Samsung One UI 3 Launch Date, Specs, and Supported Devices

For users who have a Samsung device with One UI, they can notice how accessible their device has become. Before the upgrade, Samsung got troubled by the buggy and inconvenient User Interface. But with the new One UI, lots of things have been improved. Users can have the best experience so far, and the devices are even more stable.

One UI is a User Interface produced by Samsung for the Android OS. It was released initially back on December 24, 2018. It is so great that it allows users to control their devices. Even if it’s about Settings or App Tray, what you choose to do with your smartphone depends on the User Interface. The UI is more like the senses your device has.

One UI 3 Launch Date Details

Google released Android 9 Pie back in August 2018, while the One UI appeared in December 2018. The One UI was exclusively launched for Android Pie. Then Google decided to bring Android 10 Q in September 2019, and later Samsung released One UI 2.0 as Android 10 rolled out. Currently, Google has officially begun developing Android 11, and the One UI 3 might also be under development. Android 11 is expected to arrive in October this year, so the One Ui is supposed to be launched somewhere at the end of the year or early 2021.

Supported Devices

The expected mid-range and flagship smartphones to get the One UI 3 are:

  • Samsung Galaxy S9;
  • Samsung Galaxy S10;
  • Samsung Galaxy S20;
  • Samsung Galaxy A51;
  • Samsung Galaxy A71;
  • Samsung Galaxy M31;
  • Samsung Galaxy Fold;
  • Samsung Galaxy Z Flip;

We don’t have yet any official statement, and the list above might vary.

One UI 3 Expected Features

Every update in the UI brings enhanced performance and a better transition between apps. One UI 3 is expected to arrive with easy usage, lesser bugs, and a boosted up experience.



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