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Samsung Galaxy S21 Will Come With Under-the-Screen Selfie Camera

Samsung is going to introduce a new feature in the upcoming Galaxy S21 series. The S21 models are going to be the first smartphones to feature a selfie camera hidden under the screen.

The next-gen Samsung Galaxy could be the first smartphone to feature an in-built selfie camera. That means that the mobile phone will offer a full display experience, which we haven’t seen before. Not even the upcoming iPhone will be able to live up to the new standard.

How do we even know about this information? Thanks to Ice Universe, who is a leaker. This person has shared the news on his Twitter account, saying that Samsung is planning this feature for its upcoming series. To be more specific, this feature will come with the Galaxy S20’s successor. IU calls the forthcoming Samsung Galaxy smartphone: S21.

“Samsung is considering using the under-screen camera technology on the Galaxy S21 first, and is evaluating the feasibility of the technology,” posted @UniverseIce.

Samsung Galaxy S21 to feature an in-display selfie camera

This new feature is not such a surprise as we have heard of it in the past. In fact, the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Note 20 or Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 are supposed to feature the under-display camera set up. Both devices are scheduled for release in 2021.

Therefore we already knew that Samsung is working on this new camera technology. However, according to the latest news, neither of these devices is going to feature this new feature. Instead, it looks like the company is opting for its next-gen smartphones to feature the new camera technology.

This new camera technology is not new for the other phone companies either. For example, Oppo and Xiaomi are working on exploring this tech and have shared their version with the public. Their version is based on selective transparency, which turns off the pixels in the camera area before taking a photo.

As both Oppo and Xiaomi are a smaller company that Samsung, we expect the larger company to succeed globally. However, Oppo and Xiaomi have a bigger chance of beating Samsung to market with consumer devices. We are very curious to see how all the Samsung Galaxy S21 will treat this new feature.



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