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Samsung Galaxy S20 will have More RAM than Most PCs – Leaked Specs are Mind-Boggling

Samsung plans to maintain its dominance on the Asian market when it comes to smartphones, therefore it’s preparing the release for the next flagship Galaxy S20. XDA’s Max Weinbach claims that the Ultra 5G model of S20 will have some mind-blowing specs that will be surpassing a lot of computers. It’s the same source from where the photos of the S20+ 5G came out to the public, so we should rely on it.

According to the new leak, Galaxy S20 will be featuring an outstanding amount of 16 GB, which is more than most of the PCs. Of course, many people would say that you don’t need so much RAM on a phone, but who knows when it can come in handy? Some like to edit videos on their portable gadgets, and do other operations that require a high amount of RAM.

The camera takes the cake

The good news doesn’t end. If high RAM is not a ‘must’ for phones, a better camera is always welcomed. Samsung’s next flagship will be equipped with an out-of-this-world camera setup on the rear of 108 MP, and the secondary one is powered by a 48 MP, 10X optical zoom and a 12 MP ultra-wide cam. Just imagining what kind of photos would you take with such cameras is almost frightening.

The storage is insanely big

The storage for Galaxy S20 will also be ridiculously big: there will be three models of 128, 256 and 512 GB, respectively. If, by some reason, such amounts of storage are still not enough for you, the smartphone can receive an SD card of up to 1 TB. This is the perfect storage for when you travel a lot, and you need to store your favorite movies on a gadget so that you’ll be watching them afterwards.

Samsung Galaxy S20 and S20+ are expected to be launched on February 11.



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