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Samsung Galaxy S20: New Autofocus Update for Users from the US

The Galaxy S20 phone launched by Samsung this year is a majestic piece of technology for those willing to have tremendous hardware and camera power in one single device. S20 is Samsung’s flagship for 2020, and it’s worth its high price of $1289.99.

But like any other gadget out there, it just can’t please everybody. With smartphone usage rising incredibly during the recent years, there’s no wonder why people’s standards regarding these devices are so high. Samsung released several days ago an update for camera autofocus, destined for Exynos-powered international Galaxy S20s. However, the fans wanted the update to arrive on more phones, and Samsung granted their wish.

Phones from the US are receiving the update OTA

Samsung is already rolling out the update (OTA) over the air for Galaxy S20 users from the United States. The update promises to improve significantly the autofocus function for the cameras of S20, especially S20 Ultra. Previously, the S20 phones were struggling to lock focus on a subject, even when it wasn’t in motion.

Samsung released another important update about a week ago, the one that had the following build number: G98xFXXU1ATC1. It was created for bringing a set of improvements, and Conor Pierce, who is Corporate Vice President for Samsung Electronics UK and Ireland, stated:

We’ve listened to our customers, and know how important the camera is to them. With the S20 range, we have again delivered against this, showcasing the future of photography in the palm of your hand for those who love to capture and share the world around them”

Samsung Galaxy S20 is an awesome device, and it’s nice to see that the South Korean tech giant plans to make it even better. With upcoming devices preparing to come to the market, like the Galaxy A11, S11, and M51, the near future is looking good for Samsung.




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