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Samsung Galaxy S11 Will Sport an Enhanced Fingerprint Sensor and New Surprises

Samsung’s S10 line has received great reviews from users and critics alike. The devices, which were released earlier this year, offer a wide assortment of features which are quite impressive. Many fans fell in love with the devices and claimed that they are the best smartphones of the years.

The manufacturer is already hard on work on the next series of devices, and a new rumor has started to become popular across the internet.

While the S10 range was well-received, some fans were disappointed by the performance of the fingerprint sensor, which was a bit sluggish when the devices were released. A few updates improved the performance of the sensor, but the damage was already done as some claimed that Samsung should have tested the solution more, before adding it its flagship series, which is quite expensive in comparison to other alternatives.

According to a reliable source, Samsung plans to solve the issue by replacing the sensor with a superior one, which features a boosted active are. The change will allow users to unlock their device faster.

In-display fingerprint sensors were deemed to be a great alternative to the classic physical alternatives. The main advantage comes from the fact that the sensor is more accessible since the users don’t have to place their fingers on the sides of the rear of the device or the home button to unlock their device. By using this type of sensors, smartphone manufacturers can also decrease the size of the bezels.

Some sources also speculate that the company plans to merge the Galaxy S and Note ranges in 2019, a decision which also justifies the need for larger fingerprint sensors. The new sensors will be developed by GIS, which is known as a provider of display solutions for a large assortment of smartphone manufacturers.

By equipping the S11 range with the largest in-display fingerprint sensors available on the market, Samsung will please the fans and improve the security of their devices.



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