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Samsung Galaxy S11 Will Sport 48MP Telephoto Cameras

Smartphones have evolved a lot since the first models were released more than a decade ago. Modern smartphones can replace a large variety of devices without problems, and recent models have started to compete against professional cameras. Samsung Galaxy S11 would be even more than that.

A significant amount of time will be needed before they can approach the same performance offered by expensive DSLR cameras. Still, they can compete quite well against many mid-range cameras that are currently available on the market.

The upcoming range of Samsung’s flagship devices, Galaxy S11 models, will gain an extra edge in the form of an advanced 48MP telephoto camera. With the help of the mighty sensor, users will be able to capture impressive images without the need to affect the quality of the photos.

It is well known that images will become worse as the zoom is higher. However, many people like to record images during these events, and they may be disappointed when the photos are poor in some cases.

Samsung Galaxy S11 Will Come With 48MP Telephoto Cameras

The announcement was made by a reliable source that offered credible information in the past. It appears that each of the three models will include a rear telephoto camera that reaches at least 48MP.

It is worth noting that the jump is quite significant since the Samsung Galaxy S10 series offered 12MP telephoto sensors. This is not the only change as other sources argue that the S11 range will also sport an advanced 108MP sensor that was developed by Samsung in partnership with Xiaomi.

Samsung’s finest will have to compete against the upcoming generation of Google Pixel and iPhone 12 devices. While the Pixel range offers an impressive camera with each iteration, it is possible that Samsung may win the competition in 2020.

One of the important questions that surround the Samsung Galaxy S11 series is the price of the devices, and the company will likely increase the prices, but the S11e should be more affordable.



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