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Samsung Galaxy S11: The Periscope Camera Technology Is Being Tested

Samsung will release a new flagship next year, the Galaxy S11, and new technology regarding the camera is under debate and testing. Like another Asian giant manufacturer of smartphones, Huawei, it’s now Samsung’s turn to bring a periscope camera on one of their devices.

A leaked image posted by the notorious Korean news site, the Elec, shows us what engineers from Samsung have in mind:

They call it folded zoom technology, and it was provided to Samsung by Mechatech Systems, a Korean company that creates testing equipment for phones. We have info from unofficial sources that say the camera will feature five times magnification for optical zoom.

Periscope lenses provide improved image stabilization, so the photos of the future Galaxy S11 smartphone will look awesome.

The video above was uploaded by Samsung itself, and in it the company explains why there’s the need for a periscope camera, as well as why there’s impossible to have over five times optical zoom on a phone.

Some rumors are claiming the implementation of a spectrometer on Samsung Galaxy S11, which is an outstanding idea. It can measure the chemical composition of different items. It can be used to see the level of alcohol from your drinks or to see what vitamins a table of food has. This is amazing news, and maybe the feature will turn many of us into geologists and chemists.

Samsung is expected to launch its Galaxy S11 during early 2020. The South Korea-based company continues to shine in the field of hardware manufacturing. They sold two billion Galaxy smartphones until February 2019, the average number of TV’s sold annually is $50 million, the estimated brand value until 2015 was $45.5 billion, the company’s share of the US smartphone market is 34%, and 40.6% of the European one. Samsung is reported to be spending on research and development each year not less than $14 billion.



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