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Samsung Galaxy S11 Ready to be Released on February 11

It seems that Samsung got some big plans for its fans. Samsung Galaxy S11 is ready to be launched, and we should look after it very soon on February 11! The news came after a promo for the big release was leaked online. The promo, received by @MaxWinebach on Twitter, accurately displays the date of the event.

It also announces the confirmation that the device will be branded Unpacked, similar to its previous launches. The promo had also indicated that Samsung is again live-streaming the full show. Even if the short video doesn’t show enough details about Galaxy S11, we should expect some information soon. Also, we don’t know if the device will be branded as S11 or S20.

More details about Samsung Galaxy S11 revealed

Many Galaxy S11 leaks have fueled our beliefs so far. We’ve seen some photos hinting at what the smartphone will look like, such as the rumor of three cameras on its back. Galaxy S11 is also speculated to arrive with enhanced Optical Image Stabilization (OIS) on the rear camera. OIS is a technology for cameras that physically redirect the camera lens to neutralize for camera movement. So, any time a camera shots an image, the photo is shot over a period. That period is concise when operating with adequate light.

In low light, however, the period is generally more extended, sometimes long enough that even the slightest hand movement can blur the image. The OIS can be utilized for all pictures, and it’s most helpful in low light. The Pro Video Mode is also speculated to be added, while some other rumors indicate a new battery health option. Such a feature will notify you whenever your smartphone’s battery has been decreased or to tell you the status of it. However, all of these and much more will be unveiled, of course, on February 11.



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