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Samsung Galaxy S11: Leaks Show Bigger Screens for the Phones

Samsung’s next flagship will be here in a few months, but we have seen all the leaks possible on the internet. We are here to tell you everything we know about this phone.

The camera

According to some sources, Samsung has a plan: to use a 108MP camera in its soon-to-hit-the-market flagship device. The sensor was made by Samsung, and it has not been used yet since it was first announced, besides the two Xiaomi devices that already have it.

With the new sensor, Samsung Galaxy S11 users will be able to capture even more detailed photos  – we’ve already seen the sensors which are being used to zoom in on certain shots.

This sensor will also be the first major upgrade to happen to this camera. For some time – quite a long one – Samsung has used the very same 12MP resolution, but added improvements, like extra lenses and dual-aperture, too. Galaxy S11 is expected to get four cameras.

Will we get bigger screens?

Some reports have shown that Galaxy S11 will get three sizes, all of them with bigger screens. One screen will be of 6.2-inches or 6.4-inches for the standard S11. The device will be available in 5G variants and LTE.

The supposed Galaxy S11+ would get a 6.7-inch display, and will also be available in 5G variants and LTE. And Galaxy S11 5G will only be sold in one variant, with 6.9-inches.

There are no confirmations about a Galaxy S11e, but reports said that there were five variants in total, and none of them will get a flat display, like Galaxy S10e from last year. The reports also talk about the tech giant revealing the Galaxy S11 line in February next year.



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