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Samsung Galaxy Note 20 release details

The upcoming Samsung Galaxy Note 20 lineup will come out on August 5. Samsung will hold an online event where the next series of smartphones will be revealed. According to SamMobile sources, the upcoming event includes the Galaxy Fold 2 as well.

I’m sure fans are excited about the news. However, the company surely took us by surprise! Ever since the COVID-19 outbreak, most companies have delayed their launches. Even the iPhone 12 lineup is postponed. But, this doesn’t seem to be the case for Samsung.

As the Note 20 and Note 20+ launch is around the corner, more details are surfacing on the internet.

Samsung S20 lineup is very costly. However, the company will wash out this issue by rebranding the S20 Ultra as the Note 20 Plus, which will then be available for the price of S20 Plus instead. On the other hand, there are no many details regarding the release of the next-gen foldable smartphone. But Fold 2 looks very promising so far.

Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Plus high resolution render based on multiple leaks ONLEAKS / PIGTOU

The upcoming the flagship Note 20 will be in the center of attention this year, leaving the S20 series behind. We will see multiple upgrades during the next Samsung event than usual.

The event includes all sorts of new upgrades such as an entirely new power-efficient display, upgraded storage, faster RAM, next-gen biometrics, 45W charging for less. Another worth mentioning is Samsung’s new hardware, which will improve Galaxy S20 UItra’s 108MP camera.

This looks like an upcoming war is about to start between Samsung and Apple. A war of prices! The battle between the two big giants will end up with who of the two will win the best smartphone of the year 2020.

We can hear Samsung’s aggression loud and clear from miles away. And, we are talking just about this year’s plan. Think about the Samsung’s plans to really shake things up in 2021.



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