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Samsung Galaxy Fold 5G Receives its First Software Update – What Are The Changes?

The recently launched Galaxy Fold by Samsung looks like it’s trying to bring the usage of smartphones to new standards in the near future: tablet and phone, both in one single device. While a lot of people are fascinated by the ingenious design of Galaxy Fold and the idea of making the display bigger anytime you want, others complain about Samsung’s device being too fragile. It looks like it needs something more, but for the moment, it only receives a minor software update.

The software update has been added for the 5G version of Galaxy Fold, which is available only in the home country of Samsung: South Korea.

First software update

Oddly enough, this update doesn’t bring any new features for the tablet-phone, but users can hope to receive some significant updates in the near future. Galaxy S10 just received a major update, an now it features R Doodle and Night mode for the front camera, as well as a Live focus effect. Such an update for Galaxy Fold would be very well received, without a doubt.

The latest update’s firmware number is F907BXXU1ASHA and can be updated through OTA.

What is the 5G version

The 5G version of Galaxy Fold has the same specifications as the standard Galaxy Fold: the two displays -one 4.6-inch front Super AMOLED display and the inner 7.3-inch infinity flex dynamic AMOLED display with 1536 x 2152 pixels. It has a triple rear camera setup, two cameras inside the phone and one selfie camera on the folded cover.

Despite its huge price, around $2000 for a piece, Samsung Galaxy Fold has some significant flaws. You have to treat it very gentle or else you may damage it – you’re not allowed to press too hard on the screen, no waterproof or dustproof, and you shouldn’t get the device close to any objects that can be affected by magnets.



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