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Rumor: Bloodborne Remaster is for PS5 and PC

The recent rumor has it that Bloodborne is under the revamping phase. The game is said to come out on the PlayStation 5 and PC platforms.

The rumor is backed up by all sorts of information, such as the developers, settings of the upcoming version of the game, and release dates. Now that’s a handful of information. The PlayStation 5 event was postponed. However, the rumor has it the remastered was supposed to be revealed during the event.

We could have had the remaster of Bloodborne this week! However, the event is now delayed until further information.

Twitter user source

The news about this possible upcoming game comes from a few sources. CaseyExplosion talked about the remaster on her Twitter account after a reliable source shared some info. The latest details show that the game is not just a PC port, but a remaster. This led to the belief that the revamped game is for the PS5 and PC. We will found out more during the PlayStation event.

YouTube channel PC Gaming Inquisition

Different people then supported her message, saying the claims are valid. It looks like FromSoftware fans can expect more in the future. YouTube channel PC Gaming Inquisition even posted a video claiming new details about the Bloodborne remaster.

Watch the video below to find out more:

Bloodborne developers

Bluepoint Games and QLOC are presumably working on this project. The rumor could be true as Bluepoint Games are working on a project for some time now. Plus, their upcoming project received lots of speculations.

On the other hand, QLOC was behind the Dark Souls Remastered. Therefore, it wouldn’t be uncommon to see them working on a new remaster project. CaseyExplosion even confirms their involvement in the Bloodborne remaster.

The Twitter user claims to know the release date of the remaster as well. However, she wants to keep us on edge for a little longer.



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