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RUGAL Season 2: Plot, Cast, and Release Date

Are you a fan of sci-fi action shows? RUGAL is quite a fresh series released on Netflix. The first season came out on March 28, 2020, and the audience loved it. Many approved of this Korean drama, so we encourage you to give it a try. The question fans have at the moment, is when is season 2 coming out? 

So far, there are no news regards to an upcoming season. Netflix did not renew the show, so what will happen to RUGAL fans? Although there is no upgrade at the moment, chances for RUGAL Season 2 to come out are big. Until season 2 comes out, you can watch the first one on Netlix. 


The South Korean television series is based on a webtoon wearing the same title. The show, like the webtoon, is about a revenge story. Kang Ki-beom is the leading character of the series. He is an elite police officer, and his goal is to bring down one of South Korea’s largest criminal organizations, Argos. However, fighting evil has its downsides. In the process, Kang loses his wife, kid, and eyesight. 

But, the story gets more interesting when an organization called NIS recruits him. That’s how he joins the RUGAL team and gets his eyesight back. However, besides the ability to see again, he also gets equipped with superpowers thanks to biotechnology. Kang then proceeds to serve justice. 

RUGAL Season 2 Cast 

The cast will more than likely remain the same as in the first season: 

  • Choi Jin Hyuk
  • Park Sung Woong
  • Jo Dong Hyuk
  • Jung Hye In
  • Han Ji Wan
  • Kim Min Sang
  • Park Sun Ho

RUGAL Season 2 Release Date 

We are still waiting for official information regarding the release date of RUGAL Season 2. The first season was released in May 2020, so we might be looking for a 2021 release. But first, the show needs to get the green light. 




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