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Roblox Error 905: Quick Steps to Fix It

Roblox is one of the most popular gaming platforms in the world, with millions of players enjoying the vast assortment of mini-games that are hosted by the platform. While it was developed for PC at first, the game is also available on other platforms, with Xbox One being one of them. In some cases, Xbox One users may face an annoying issue in the form of the Roblox error 905, which blocks them from accessing the game after their Roblox account has been linked to the Xbox Live account. Several factors may cause the problem, but the guide found below should get you online and ready to play in a few minutes.

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How to Fix Roblox Error 905

1. Verify the login credentials

In some cases, the login credential hasn’t been entered correctly, and the game will not recognize the account due to this reason. Check to see if the right information has been used and reset your password if the error seems to persist. Many players have struggled at the login screen while they continued to enter the wrong password.

2. Check the status of Xbox servers

Despite the best efforts made by Microsoft, the Xbox servers may come down every now and then, halting the ability to play any games that rely on an online connection. The status of the servers can be verified by visiting the official Xbox support website.

3. Roblox server issues

The game also relies on separate servers to work properly, and in some cases, the servers have to be turned off for maintenance or the implementation of new features. Check the status of the Roblox servers on the official Roblox website.

4. Reinstall the game

Roblox error 905 can be due corrupted over time, and the only solution for this problem is to reinstall the game. Go to Home/My games & apps/ Roblox. Select the game and select the Uninstall option. After the task is completed, reboot the console and download the game again.



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