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Roblox Error 106: Quick Steps To Fix It

The Roblox Error 106 on Xbox One has troubled too many players so far. Xbox One has run some new updates, in which you can’t randomly join the online play on Roblox. To play live online with someone, they have to be part of your Roblox list or Xbox One list. This update has brought many glitches for all 100 million active users of Roblox. You can fix the error code 106 by following the steps mentioned below.

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Fix the Roblox Error 106 on Xbox One

1. Try to Re-Enter on the Roblox Official Website

This method is one of the smoothest ways out there, and it has been proven to be efficient. Start by opening your browser on your Xbox One and accessing the Roblox website. Log in to your account and look after the “Search user account name” and insert your friend’s name. Finally, select “Add friend.”

2. Fix the Error on Xbox One From Xbox

If you log in to your Xbox One and still can’t find your friend on the list, then you can try the following method, too. Go to your Xbox One and access the tab “Friends & Clubs – Find Someone,” Write your friend’s name and then “Add friend.” Wait until they accept and refresh. You should be able now to see your friend on the online list and join the live play.

3. Solve Roblox Error 106 Using a Power Cycle

First, you should have your Xbox One console turned on. Then, press and hold the Power button until the power is turned off. Wait for a few seconds, then Restart the power console. Finally, open the Roblox and check to see if your friend’s name appears on the list. If you didn’t have so much luck, you could wait until Roblox Error 106 is eliminated with a future patch.



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