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Review for Dragon Ball Super: Broly – What the 2018 Movie did Good and Bad

The movie Dragon Ball Super: Broly has been awaited by fans with great expectations since its story is placed after the Universe Survival Saga from the anime. With Frieza brought back from Hell, Goku and Vegeta laying low after the fierce battles from the tournament, another huge threat was approaching and ready to give the gang the battle of their lives: Broly, the Legendary Super Sayian.

Dragon Ball Super: Broly has been released at the end of 2018, on December 14. The movie has been directed by Tatsuya Nagamine and written by the Dragon Ball series creator himself, Akira Toriyama. Most of the fans had received the movie well, but was it just for the Dragon Ball legacy, or is it really worth watching it? Today we will be discussing exactly this, while covering several aspects of the movie.

The animation

The animation of the Dragon Ball Super: Broly movie merges two extremities: from awful to stunningly beautiful. When Vegeta was fighting Broly on his own, the animation was outstanding and it could easily compete with the one from the last episodes of Dragon Ball Super:

On the other hand, most of the time, the animation of the movie was mediocre to poor. These are some of the most relevant screenshots:


As you can see, the animation from the movie lacks serious quality. And yes, it matters. You just can’t bring a Dragon Ball movie to the screens with such bad animation. The scenes above could easily be drawn by a 12-years old boy.

The story

This is the most critical aspect of any movie. And for Dragon Ball Super: Broly, the story had huge problems. Broly, the protagonist and villain of the show was different than the Broly we knew from previous Dragon Ball movies. This time, he’s very angry at Vegeta, not Goku as it would have been much more reasonable. The motivation is ridiculous, as well: Vegeta’s father did something bad, and thus Broly wants to do bad stuff to Vegeta as an act of revenge.

Frieza’s role in this movie was way too brief. Ok, he did something very evil by killing Broly’s father and thus unleashing the Sayian’s tremendous hidden powers, but it’s still not enough for a character like Frieza. He was once considered the strongest fighter in the Universe, being a mighty tyrant who destroyed the planet of the Sayians and cared only about himself.

And last but not least, how could Goku refer to himself as “Kakarot”, his original Sayian name? The Goku we know from the anime could never have done that. and only Vegeta has always been calling him “Kakarot”.

The power scaling

It wasn’t enough that the Dragon Ball Super anime completely ruined the power scaling. We can remember Goku being hurt by a bullet, Super Sayian Blue Goku being at the same level as Super Sayian Trunks or even Krillin in the Kamehameha clash, Gohan in the same form being equal to both regular Super Sayian and Super Sayian Blue Goku, and so on.

The 2018 Dragon Ball movie ruined the power scaling even more: Broly was being dominated by base form Vegeta, and after several minutes the evil Sayian was equal to Super Sayian Blue Gogeta, the fused form between Goku and Vegeta. The explanation is that Broly is “learning as he fights”, which is just absurd. The villain also had a power boost through rage after his father was killed, but it’s ridiculous to become that powerful only because something made him mad. It’s literally the biggest power boost in Dragon Ball history, and the writer didn’t even bother to provide a quite reasonable explanation to the fans. However, you might enjoy the fights from the movie pretty much if you don’t care about the power scaling.

The conclusion is that Dragon Ball Super: Broly is highly overrated. There are plenty of aspects that could have been improved, and they are related to both the story and animation. The movie has some interesting fight scenes, however, but it’s not enough for a Dragon Ball title.



  1. The review expressed pretty much the core of the impressions that most of the fans had after watching it. I hope the animation will continue in this Shintani style or similar to One Piece Wano Arc.

    Great review overall.


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