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Retrica Update For Android Brings New Features And Performance Improvements

In recent years the camera arrays featured on Android devices have started to become more powerful, rivaling even some DSLR cameras in some cases. As the number of megapixels, sensors, and other specs continues to grow, yet better photos can be taken. Despite the performance of stock camera apps, many users love to customize their pictures with the help of photo editing apps, which come with a variety of features and settings that can convert a bland image into a memorable one.

One of the most popular apps of this type is Retrica, which comes with a wealth of handy functions that make it useful and enjoyable at the same time. An enhanced user interface will allow users to revamp and improve their pictures without the need to master advanced techniques or complicated tools that take hundreds of hours to be used correctly.

Pick from a selection of more than 190 filters that can be used in real-time, before you shoot the photo or video. This means that there is no need to spend time applying the effects after the content was recorded, which is excellent since it can be shared instantly with other people.

Retrica update comes with new features and improvements

Each filter can be tweaked to obtain the desired look with a handy double-tap gesture. Shoot a photo that captures the blooming color of spring, creates a nostalgic setup that showcases the beauty of the past, or adds some effects that give a touch of the vintage spirit to the frames.

ViewFinder comes with the ability to quickly share images that were taken with the help of Retrica without the need to leave the app. Insight allows users to learn new photography techniques that are focused on colors, light, and other aspects.

Retrica 7.3.1 update introduces the 2.0 API, which increases performance. The UI has been altered, and emojis are no longer available in the edit screen.



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