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Retailers Offer Significant Discounts for iPhone 11

iPhone 11 is Apple’s flagship for 2019, and it shocked the world with its specs and durability. It’s a tremendous upgrade for the older iPhone X in pretty much all areas: RAM memory, cameras, processor, and yes: durability. iPhone 11 is strong, and you’re not afraid to drop it on the floor if you have one.

Those who want to buy themselves an iPhone 11 should now count on Chinese retailers since they are offering the flagship discounted.

How significant are the discounts?

They are significant enough to captivate our attention. The 64GB version of the iPhone 11 Pro Max, for instance, sells by the online store for Suning for only 7499 yuan ($1,061.38). This means a discount of 1600 yuan from the price shown on Apple’s China website.

As for the basic version of iPhone 11, it can be bought for 4999 yuan ($707.54). This means a discount of 500 yuan from the price from the same official China Website of Apple. The online store for Suning is an electronics vendor very popular in China.

Similar discounts are offered by other e-commerce vendors, like Gome and Dangdang.

How great is the iPhone 11?

First of all, it’s equipped with the most powerful processor present on Apple phones and also made by the giant company from Cupertino itself: the A13 Bionic processor. You can easily imagine that lagging cannot be a problem for such a phone, whether you’re using it for playing games or for keeping multiple tabs open in a browser.

Second, Apple learned from its mistakes of the past and brought a very durable iPhone 11 phone. The gadget is equipped with water resistance and dust resistance (IP68 for both). It’s capable of high-quality video recording, Face ID, all-day battery life, dual-camera on both the rear and in the front, 4GB of RAM, and a Liquid Retina IPS LCD display.

The conclusion is obvious: iPhone 11 is still great in 2020, and it’s definitely worth buying one.



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