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Resident Evil 3 Remake Leak Unveil Frightening Nemesis

The Resident Evil 3 Remake is approaching, and fans can’t hold their excitement anymore. There were left only 45 days until we’ll face the upcoming world of the Resident Evil. So far, we got to know a piece of Nemesis as the most praise and evil foe in the game. Even the latest images display Jill Valentine dealing with the Nemesis. So, what’s more, to be said about the dangerous character? Recent leaks prove that there’s even more that awaits to be discovered about it but about another enemy, too.

Recent Leaks on Resident Evil 3 Remake Unveils Another Enemy – Nemesis

Recent leaks uncover the characteristic of another enemy in Resident Evil 3. This one here hasn’t been noticed in any promo stuff until now. What should we expect, though? The leaked pictures aren’t offering the information we need, but we can still draw some conclusions. Fans thought more at Hunter Y creature as the upcoming enemy or the Grave Digger. There have been previously news about the appearance of the Grave Digger in the game, so it gets more chances to be introduced as the new foe.

As for the Hunter Y, we don’t precisely if we got a chance, too, because not a single piece of information about this hasn’t been released. The character is known as a retile-lookalike enemy and is a derivative of the well-known Hunter foe that has been a constant part of the Resident Evil series.

The leaked pictures, however, are not offering enough information, so we couldn’t decide who will be next added as the new enemy. Until devs provide enough details, we need to go with both the Grave Digger and Hunter Y. Opinions are, of course, fueled up by those leaks, but we could also witness the arrival of a completely new enemy. As for Resident Evil 3, the game will arrive on April 3 on Xbox One, PS4, and Xbox One.



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