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Resident Evil 3 Remake Details – Everything You Need To Know

The first thing you should know about Resident Evil 3 Remake is that the game will not be a 1-for-1 version. The company is deciding once again to make a lot of changes in the game where it will be necessary from the team’s perspective. Capcom did the same thing with Resident Evil 2 Remake in 2019, and they did a great job. We are sure that they are trying to add an air of modernity to the game, but let’s see what they have in plan exactly.

From what we know, Capcom has a lot of changes in plans, and a lot of things will be cut off. Initially, the company didn’t reveal anything about what they have in strategy for the game. So until now, we were in the dark about all these juicy details, but now we have new information about the additions, changes, and subtractions. Everything was declared for the PlayStation Magazine UK by the developer, and we will upgrade you about what’s coming next.

More about Resident Evil 3 Remake

The first thing about the remake of Resident Evil 3 is that you will not have the possibility to explore Raccoon City at any time. The city will have times and times when it will act as an open-world game. The second change from Resident Evil 3 remake is about Nemesis. The character receives new AI the same as Tyrant from Resident Evil 2 remake. Moreover, Nemesis will show in real life as well, because the company wants to scan it with photogrammetry.

Besides this, other changes are coming in the sound department and the alternate endings which are not available anymore. Take note that you can play as Carlos, the mutant worms are back in the game, and no more mercenaries’ mode is available. If you expected a lot more changes, there are all that will get from this remake, but it is interesting to see what will happen without multiple endings. Finally, if you want the remake of Resident Evil 3, you can, but it for $60 starting with April 3, for your PC or Xbox.



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