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Renowned Journalist from Bulgaria added to list of murdered journalists in Europe

The world is a dangerous place for the ones that proceed forth to the path of truth. Something similar happened recently with a renowned Bulgarian journalist. Victoria Marinova, the said journalist had earlier reported over an investigation related to the alleged corruption that involved the funds placed with European Union.

The victim was raped and then beaten to her death as confirmed by the authorities. Her semi-nude corpse was located on Saturday in the park of Danube Town located at Ruse. The 30-year-old was beaten with a strong force making her unrecognizable as confirmed by Federation of European Journalists.

Marinova is one among the 4th high-profile reporters who was murdered in Europe from the start of the year 2017. Her death comes just after the alleged murder of the journalist who worked for the Washington Post in a Saudi Consulate located in Istanbul. The Bulgarian officials reported that none of the evidence suggested that the alleged rape and death of Marinova was in any way related to the work she had been carrying out.

Mladen Marinov, the Interior Minister commented that this death is in no way related to the reports put forth by her; rather, it is more about a morally and ethically fallacious deed of rape followed by a gory murderous incident. However, the people that worked with the deceased reporter mentioned otherwise.

The news website owner, Asen Yordanov, stated that Victoria’s death in a rather brutal manner was an execution that was actually meant to act as a prime example of something that comes as a warning. This was done in order to create a sense of fear amidst journalists. Marinova, before her death, had recently debut her very own news based talk show named “Detector”. Her first episode involved an interview with 2 investigative reporters that were very recently arrested for looking into the corruption that involved the EU funds misuse.

Ricardo Gutierrez, the head at European Federation of Journalists, recently called for an enhanced protection designated for the journalists all over Europe to ensure such cases do not happen anymore. Gutierrez mentioned in his statement that this one is 4th brutal murder in a series since 2017. The killers as well as their sponsors evidently aimed to subdue the professionals working in this field.

Kim Wall, who was a Sweden based journalist, was the first to be decapitated in 2017. This was followed by car bombing of Daphne Caruana Galizia, the Maltese journalist working on anti-corruption. In 2018, Jan Kuciak, a Slovakian Journalist was shot dead along with his fiancée.



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