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Red Dead Redemption 2 PC Version to Feature Extra Content

PC gamers were surprised when Rockstar announced that Red Dead Redemption 2, the latest hit released by the critically acclaimed studio, will be released for PC in November.

Many expected a direct port, but it seems that Rockstar has other plans for the PC version of the title. Besides graphical enhancements among which we can count improve reflections, lightning, and higher draw distance, the game will also include support for HRD, multiple-monitor configurations, and additional story content.

The extra story content seems to be the hottest boon of the PC version. At this point, the exact nature of the content is not clear, but some sources argue that Rockstar could include additional missions or new story dialogues with the help of a hefty content patch. After release player will enjoy three fresh Bounty Hunter Missions, a pair of new Gang Hideouts, and two interesting treasure maps.

The game will also offer a new mission, four weapons, four new horses and three wild horse varieties. Rockstar has stated that all the content which has been announced by now will be included in the base version of the game, and there will be no need to download additional data.

Some PC gamers may be disappointed by the fact that the game will be exclusive via the Rockstar Games Launcher. While the option to purchase a key from other storefronts will be offered anyone who wishes to play the title will have to install and use the Rockstar Game Launcher. Those who wish to preorder the title will receive two free games from a selection of past Rockstar titles and a free upgrade to the Special or Ultimate Edition beside other in-game goodies.

One detail which surprised many potential players was the sheer size of the game as Rockstar has mentioned that 150GB of free space will be needed to install the title. The game will be released for PC on November 5, and it is already available for Xbox One and PS4.



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