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Red Dead Redemption 2 On PS4 Will Receive The Content From The PC Version

PC users and fans of the game Red Dead Redemption received Read Dead Redemption 2 on their device, with a lot of content, features, and modes. Unfortunately, the PS4 users didn’t have the same luck, because some of the PC exclusives are not available on the console. The PC user received new content, new missions, and Photo Mode. Christmas is coming, so it is good news! PS4 users are receiving the PC content and features with the Moonshiner update of Red Dead Online.

The Update is available for the Red Dead online with all the content and features from the PC version of the game. So, as a PS4 user, you can now access the Photo Mode in which you can snap pictures, edit them with text, stickers, and filters. You can share all of the pictures made on the Rockstar’s Social Club. But wait, this is not all!

Red Dead Redemption 2 On PS4 Will Receive The Content From The PC Version

Besides the Photo Mode, Red Dead Redemption 2 for PS4 has new Bounty Hunter missions, new horses, new treasure maps, and many more. Let’s see how the new additions are looking like. The Bounty Hunter Mission from the Story Mode is to track down Herman Zizendorf, Camille de Millemont, and Bart Cavanaugh. Also, you now you have new Hideouts for the gang. Have courage and try to go to Gaptooth Breach and Solomon’s Folly for finding the Del Lobos. About the treasure maps, we can say that you will have the Landmarks of Riches and the Elemental Trail.

Also, new weapons are added with the update. You will have the M1899 Pistol, Evans Repeater, LeMat Revolver, and the High Roller Revolver. As we mentioned above, new horses are in the town, such as Few Spot Appaloosa, Warped Brindle Arabian, Red Chestnut Arabian, and Perlino Andalusian. You will find unique hidden trinkets such as Cat Eye, Hawk Talon, Turtle Shell, Shark Tooth, and Crow Beak. Finally, Rockstar is thinking about everyone, so for the Xbox One users, the new content will come on January 21, 2020. Until then, PS4 players hit the button and enjoy the unique content from Red Dead Redemption 2.



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