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Red Bull Dragon Ball FighterZ World Tour Finals are Approaching Fast – Date and Location

Dragon Ball FighterZ is one of those games that are continuing faithfully the legacy left by the legendary Dragon Ball Z anime. The game features intense and diverse combats, awesome soundtracks, and even characters from Dragon Ball Super like Hit, Jiren, Beerus, and so on. You are immediately thrown into the Dragon Ball universe full of action and challenges as soon as you choose your character and hit ‘start’.

The Dragon Ball FighterZ World Tour major tournament circuit is exactly for those gamers and Dragon Ball fans that are willing to accept a challenge and a good fight. The tournament is at its second year of bringing together some of the best Dragon Ball FighterZ players in the world, and the finals are just around the corner and approaching fast.

Finals are set for February 8 – 9, 2020 in Paris

It’s a bir of a surprise that the finals of the tournament will be held in Europe since the Dragon Ball franchise has been made entirely in Japan. However, there’s no doubt that the final video game fights will meet up in Paris on February 8 and 9 from next year. Bandai Namco itself made the announcement, which is the publisher of the Dragon Ball FighterZ game.

Bandai Namco put it very clear on its Twitter account:

The Red Bull #DragonBall Fighterz World Tour Finals will be held in PARIS!

On February 8-9 2020, the world’s top players will compete for the crown inside the renowned “Pavillon Baltard”! Registrations open on DEC 26: 11PM CET. Stay tuned on @BNEesports & @RedBullGaming! #DBFZWT

There you have it – after a month and a half, 16 gamers will compete with each other for the big title. They have all the reasons to fight for the title with everything they got and boost up those power levels way over 9000. Not to mention that the lucky winner will be wealthier with $80,000.



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