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The recreation of Unreal Engine 5 is impressive

You might have heard that on Wednesday, the Unreal Engine 5 Tech Demo was revealed. Everyone was impressed by it; the presentation was spectacular. However, the stunning opening scene in Dreams was reproduced. Yes, the Unreal Engine 5 tech demo was reproduced. 

The recreation of Unreal Engine 5

The name of the person who did it is Martin Nebelong. Nebelong is a freelance artist that lives in Denmark. He reproduces the magnificent opening scene in Dreams on the PS 4. And if you don’t believe me, watch below the recreation of Unreal Engine 5:

O course, the level of detail and effect in the Unreal Engine 5 is much higher than Nebelong’s work. However, the work is nonetheless impressive. If we were to put the videos or screenshots side by side, you would know what I mean. Like, if he was to wait a little longer until exposing his work, we all could be fooled. Amazing work!

However, that is not all guys. Nebelong managed to finish all that in only two hours. All that impressive work in two hours, guys. How did he manage to achieve these amazing results? Well, we are going to prove to you how. Watch the video below and see the timelapse of the level of creation:

Now, going back to the Unreal Engine 5 Tech Demo presentation, let’s remember Epic’s talk. According to Epic, all the Polygon counts and billions of triangles sounded like a big size mess. However, what is surprising is that the scene in Dreams has ZERO polygons! Plus, the filesize doesn’t even reach 1MB. 

If this is something you find interesting, you can follow Nebelong for more details. His work is something worth seeing, and you can also join the conversation on this subject. Here is his tweet:

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