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Rainbow Six Siege: Respawning Won’t Happen

One of the essential parts of Ubisoft’s team-based strategic shooter, Rainbow Six Siege, is quite intriguing. Players possess only one life, meaning one chance per round. No respawning is possible at all until the round ends.

Before the game’s launch, and until now, there were some drawn concepts about introducing respawning to support the game appeal to a broad audience. But, it seems nobody will get a thing. Such a respawn feature will not be added, and the reasons might come as odd. Developers believe it would influence the game experience negatively. So, where’s our opinion on this event, did it even matter?

No Respawning in Rainbow Six Siege

In a recent video from Ubisoft, Jean-Baptiste Hall, the game’s principal designer, remembered that someone significant in the game company stated about a respawn possibility. Still, then again, it’s not going to happen. He said: “I know someone at Ubisoft who is in a very high creative position who said, ‘Oh, [no respawning] is the first thing that’s going to get cut.’ I’m really happy that he was wrong. [No respawning] felt like something that would never pass the gate; it would never be validated.”

Hall also explained that in early playtests for Rainbow Six Siege without respawning, players viewed, moved, and listened in other ways that increased the tension. Leroy Athanassoff, the game director, stated that if he knew the respawn is possible, he would move around exploring the map, and don’t care at all.

So, having only once chance, increase a tension like never before. It creates the pressure that players need, a mix between high-power and surviving. Rainbow Six Siege is well-praised and succeeded in reaching more than 50 million players. The game released in a little bit strange state in 2015, but it turned out just fine after all.



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