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Rainbow Six Siege Operation Ember Rise: Highlights of the New Update

Rainbow Six is one of Ubisoft’s most stunning games, and it’s played by a big number of players in the present. The French video game company wants to take advantage of this fact, and it’s preparing a new update for the game: Operation Ember Rise which arrives soon, and promises a lot of new stuff.

We will dive right into presenting the update, which continues Rainbow Six Siege’s third season of year four, offering many challenging opportunities.

Operator Amaru

Amaru is a Peruvian archaeologist and part of the APCA. Most precisely, she’s a 2 speed, 2 armour operator. She has some interesting weapons: two primary weapons (the G8A1 LMG and the Super Nova shotgun), secondary weapons that include the SMG11 machine pistol and the ITA12S shotgun. Amaru also can choose between a claymore or three breach charges.

Amaru created a new weapon called The Garra Hook, which allows her to travel among windows quickly, and break wooden barricades.

The Mexican Goyo

Goyo is a veteran of the Fuerzas Especiales, a 2 speed and 2 armor operator. His toys are firstly the Vector 45 ACP (a sub-machine gun), or the TSCG12 (slug shotgun). He has a P229 pistol as a secondary weapon, and he also likes to gift his enemies with two impact grenades if there isn’t any other solution left.

Goyo also has 3 Volcan Shields with explosive fire charges on the back of each shield.

New Battle Pass

A battle pass similar with others from Fortnite is now available in Rainbow Six Siege. It rewards players and allows progression. The first phase is called Mini Battle Pass and could be played by gamers who have only 7 tiers.

The second phase will be available in season 4 of year 4 and will actually feature two separate battle passes – one paid and the other free of charge. The battle pass offers cosmetic items which can only customize your guns and operators, without making them more or less powerful.

Rainbow Six Siege is an online tactical shooter video game released in 2015, and available for PS4, Xbox One, and Windows.



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